Saturday, October 23, 2010


These 3 gentlemen left Cairo at 9.00 this morning  for a fish breakfast near the Lake Qarun
not only a breakfast of fish but a starter of two  different fish,
They arrived her at the lake at 10.30 
bought the fish  some to take back home! , it seems they may have to buy some more before they leave.
At 1 thirty the meal was finished . and all that is left are the bones.

 what a great bunch of guys these are. if not for them I would still be sitting in a bus station in El Fayuom waiting for a bus to Beni Suef.
I know you will be looking in  so again guys thanks for a lovely day  in El fayoum district. DO NOT FORGET TO E-MAIL OK

Thursday, October 21, 2010

20.00 last night I  departed Siwa  and arrived in Lake Qarun after a tiring journey of  14 hours.  again i have chose another wonderful location  to take photos this being one for birds, already i have taken 10 different species  4 being  first time sightings,I have so much to blog And so many photos to sort, I do not know where to start.the internet was off more than on over the past few days  , So I will leave  Siwa out for now when I get back to my flat  i will make a new site just on Siwa and Shali. these next photos are from lake Qarun,