Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boats garbage and dead fish.

All day we had this  dust cloud  the only time I saw the sun was early morning   when on my walk to the west bank of luxor, made for some silhouettes of  pied kingfishers on the front of one of the dahabia cruise boats

the Nile is very low I have never seen it so low and the farmers have been told to stop pumping direct from the Nile to water the land, they  can only use canal water that gets filled from the council pumps out of the Nile 
the farmers pump is in the middle of the  stanchions


one fishing boat on the what should be the winters normal flood line.
this one is 2 metres high on the summers flood line. it still has its fish nets
kingfishers on the guide ropes I counted 14 birds  this morning.
sail boats high and dry winter is a good time to paint and repair the smaller craft that use the Nile
the jetty in the background is the drinking water pipe pumped out of the Nile to the filtration plant,
the Nile is getting overcrowded  and these large cruisers are moored on the west bank while the other boats do a shuffle for places,   on crossing the ferry this dawn there was 14 abreast  half way across the Nile,
the garbage boat boys keeping warm on this foggy day 
even the rust bucket teba star has been moved from its moorings, 
one of the garbage boats full to the brim will have to find its way around the cruisers doing their routine ballet dance on the nile.
early morning flight of the ibis heading for the feeding grounds.
a balloon in the mist
sun coming up its about 6.00
Grey heron does not like the guy with the camera getting too close
on my way home at 9.30 the tier had 12 boats the others are in the river shuffle.
can you imagine the walk the paying guest has to do through 12/14 boats, always the boat leaving on a cruise down river to Aswan is moored at the end.
and why is there so much change in the mooring of the cruisers?
this past week we have had Mrs Suzane Mubarek Egypts first lady, came to listen at a two hour orchestra live, then Ban Ki-moon came he is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations, 
then today and the next couple of days there is a conference held in the old winter palace,
I was hoping it was on Nile polution , but its on the roll of ladies etc in the Egyptian community??.
even though the new moorings are built upstream the Nile is too low for the these boats as several already on the moorings are stuck on the bottom.  excellent planning on behalf of the luxor and district governor.
in their quest to spend millions of aid money. at this time  and for the next 3 years the existing moorings have no fuel supplies including sewage . due to lowering the prom by three meters.
the work is well under way, see,
some of the 3 tiers of cruise boats looking  upstream.
these boats are 2 man vessels one rowing and one handling the nets. rod fishing is done off the bank.
so I waited to see why are there 3 in this boat,  I had heard about this way of catching fish  and the  reason I do not buy fish from the local market,
even the canals are getting low on water. these are the naughty lazy fishermen they go for the dead fish in the canal.
the ones that die from pollution. they sell  cheap to the locals.
 not surprising people have dysentery this fish will  no doubt end up on the tourists menu 
The pole the one guy has a net on the end  when fish leave the water they struggle,  the 4 fish I saw put in the container where already dead
one of the river fishermen getting his catch from the net.
fishermen of the Nile 
today,s word is

procrastinator, ie,

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for the Procrastinator,

(1)To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

(2)To postpone or delay needlessly.
I am a procrastinator, as I have put off going to the dentist for 45 years. rather pull my own out thank you very much, and a procrastinator I will be,

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