Saturday, December 4, 2010

Common bulbul, Pycnonotus barbatus.

As I leave my flat i am confronted with unmade pavements and roads 
nothing has changed over the past 5 months all the buildings from Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple have been demolished and there is now a clear view of Karnak some 3 kilometer.
in front of the luxor museum there are works where the promenade is being lowered some 3 meters,  this also is a 3 kilometre stretch , the footbridge has been made to carry the hundreds of visitors that come to the museum every day.
soon to be lowered is this section every tree will soon be firewood, there are 20 kopak trees plus bougainvillea and acacia trees along this part of the  prom.
the first section of the dig is almost structurally complete,   these are or will be the new market area along the three kilometre stretch of the new Nile promenade
these are the old market shops all closed ready for demolition
where I am standing will be the new level of the prom. pedestrian only.
this guy fishing supplies the crew on some of the cruisers with fresh fish.  not for the tourist
the tourist has frozen fish. 
little white egret also fishes here on the Nile
 the Nile is as low as I have ever seen  leaving all the rubbish on the river bed
these are normal clear plastic water bottles that have been floating in the Niles polluted waters,,just like the egrets,, oil has a tendency to stick to anything that goes in water I.e.  oil floats on the surface.

no service lines on this part of the Nile all the cruise ships have been moved 5 kilometres up stream
the boats that can be seen are the ones that do the day cruise to Denderah temple. they too will be moved once the prom is lowered near Karnak temple.

Graceful Prinia, Prinia gracilis  must be the smallest of birds in egypt
Common bulbul, Pycnonotus barbatus. better photos of this bird are on my birding in egypt blogspot [see side panel]
little white egret.
White wagtail ( motacilla alba),
only one shot of the dragonfly today  click too see Egypt's dragons and damsels  
the Nile is so polluted fish are dying
getting ready for phase 2 of the new dig.
moorings and sewage pumps are being removed,
it seems the whole of luxor is a building site  maybe they will provide the tourists with hard hats.

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