Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ban Ki-moon,Suzanne Mubarak

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be in Luxor tommorrow.

Egypt's first lady.Suzanne Mubarak . is already here to open the Muslim new year extravaganza. the year is 1431'
by the end of the first day the skelaton of the stage was complete
 now for the intricate work  the gaffer gets to wear a safety helmet. just in case a pigeon craps on his head I suppose. now look at the feet  and the guy is welding.  no such thing as health and safety in Egypt.
if your feet get burnt its tough luck.  insha ala

job done on the 3rd  day  
the orchestra is now playing, I went to my favourite restaurant the ROOF to get a good view of the scene 

 so now I will show you how much interest there is in Egypt's global summit. while Mrs M was on her way to luxor to stay for the night  in the old winter palace.[at one time was the kings residence]   now owned by sofitel chain of hotels,  all the cruisers  were being moved  (unsightly in front of the window of the hotel rooms)
or is it that the first lady has been told  these boats  have moved to the new multi million dollar berths down river,  but cannot go there because the boats get stuck on the mud banks. there was a big rush this morning to move the boats from in front of the old winter palace moorings,
 sorry did not mean to show all the pollution here is a better shot
but do not look down at the water,
polystyrene is  another good material to show how  polluted the Nile is.
the last boat moving out. look at all the rubbish.
all clear  until one looks in the water
one of the little white egrets did not move off the boat  "too weak  "

 here you can see the oil on the water,  so  mrs m or banki,  if you have a couple of hours too spare go across the road  from your hotel, down some steps  and take a look at Egypt,s polluted river,thats if you can manage to step over the rubble and sewage pipes. 

and another lazy bugger adding to the wonderful smell of luxor's streets.
 all the hard work for a two hour concert,
photo taken at 12 noon  Friday Dec 10

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  1. Except for the tourists being moved from the hotel, it'd be an added sight seeing the construction of the stage, as well as the moving of the cruise boats.

    Is it Noeme Campbell they said whose marriage ceremony is being done in Egypt?