Sunday, November 7, 2010

is it just me

Is it just me or is my camera geared to look out for rubbish.
it seems these days every photo I take has some garbage in the frame  when I get the frame on the computer I have to crop to get as much of the bird or scene as possible without garbage in the shot.
I took a photo of the moon just to get a photo I did not have to crop  make sure my camera was working properly,
this one is not so bad as one can guess the size of the bird from the 7up can.
or this one to the size of a 1.5 liter of water bottle.
and if you want to find a rubbish site follow the hooded crow.
these birds are always sorting the rubbish out.

yoo hoo I'm here in the rubbish catching flies.
oh great I found some matches  be OK when I dry them out.
yahooh they have blown a gasket. just like some of the cruisers,
a Mercedes Benz engine waiting to be put back in  one of the cruisers

not to worry they can get some oil in those empty plastic bottles  then toss them back in the Nile so the tourist can see pretty rainbow colours in the water,
 then they will get a new engine just like the big boats.

 you would think these dahabias had some kind of waste disposal other than tossing all overboard or leaving it on the low Nile so the inundation carries it off down stream to Cairo.
dogs scour the shore looking for a morsel of food that floats in the Nile 
Isnt it idyllic? it is as long as you do not swim in it or drink its water,
 problem is every person living near nile water  from aswan to Alexandria get to drink this  nile river water,
 I am pleased to let you know there is bottled water here from Siwa. pure refreshing mineral water.
but I have to shower in this water, I used to love swimming in the Nile but in Aswan as near to the dam as possible.
 went back down to the Nile  to get some sundown shots 
and these little white egrets where on the Nile,
I should say little grey/black egrets   but there is no such heron.

this is plain and simple Nile river oil pollution .
and no" Torry canyon "comes near the Nile.
and its lets beat the donkey time for this nice  boy
Who me! no I did not beat up the donkey.

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