Saturday, November 27, 2010

Luxor Egypt cultural centre of the world

This is Luxor Egypt,   I have been told on many occasions its the cultural centre of the world.
we have horses that feed in the garbage bins. 
cultural centre for hassle while waiting for a cariage.
street vendors  that use nile water for cool drinks even the plastic bottles are second hand,  meaning  they have been used then discarded in the rubbish  when the vendor needs a bottle  all he has to do is go to the garbage bins.
outside of macs on a hot day  we can  fill our nostrils with the aroma of horse urine and brown bits that have been placed in the road by the horse,
even here  the most modern bakery in town  the horses stop  to have a pee, while the driver picks up his bread .
And his family can sit on the curb waiting for the bread to cool down before HEADING off home
All the photos have been taken around one of the biggest tourist attractions in Egypt,
Luxor Temple.   where its estimated 18 million people have visited over the past 12 months.
each person pays 50 egp to get into this temple ,there are 100 tombs and temples in this "Thebes" the largest open air museum in the world.
 so its seems the culture is to live in the filth.
because the local authority  has no money to clear the garbage away.

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