Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday market day again

Today I was joined by  a couple from  , Newtown, Powys , Wales, my hometown,
for  a leisurely hour  we strolled around the souk. Dave had left his scarf in the hotel so decided this was  or should be a  cheap place to get another as his brains where being fried by the  morning sun,  there seemed only one stall with men's scarves, so tried to deal for  scarf.   first the stall holder pulled  a white scarf out of its plastic wrapping, that must have been a charge of 5 le, then Dave tried it on made sure it was suitable for his attire, that must have also had a standing charge of 5le,  these scarves are  5le on any other stall in Luxor, but this guy wanted 15le  move on we thought no need to bargain  for half an hour  or the brains would have been fried  by the time we get him down to the proper price of 5 le.  Sheila had already done her bit of haggling and bought herself 2 ladies scarves,  so we moved on slowly through the market, and slowly it was!  had to move with the crowd, and it was crowded with only a narrow passage way through all the sellers who had decided the passage way was a good place to stop and sell whatever they had, today it was ducks in all sizes,  rabbits in all sizes. and geese in all sizes, a few turkeys. and lots of peas and carrots in bags sold in wheelbarrows see my blog on Luxor market nothing has changed only that there are more people selling and more people  buying,   http://nilelife2.blogspot.com/2010/03/market-day-in-luxor-egypt.html,

Smaller cabbages but more Cauliflower, lots more cauliflowers
today's market also had  more plastic ware;-and woolly jumpers ready for the temperature to drop bellow 30c

Not a good photo but have put it on as there is a tale to tell  ,
one of the geese was being held  by a young lady. and being shown to me. the goose was rather distressed so I decided to give it forty winks, and not by slitting its throat.
just passing a bit of my really useful bits of knowledge on,  that I have accumulated over my life.
I took the gooses head and held it in the palm of my hand just tight enough to hold the head still,  with a finger,  stroke the head from the beak to the back of the head, the goose will watch the finger after a few strokes the goose goes to sleep.   let go of the head and it falls limp as if the goose is dead, this really got the girl worried  and she refused to let me touch the bird again,   I suppose the only thought in her head was  who is going to buy a dead goose,    all meat here must be halal   poultry is killed  in the home  must be seen as killed Halal,  then the goose woke up.  bringing a smile or was it a smirk to the girls face, amused  Dave and Sheila  anyway.

  the heritage centre is nearing completion
The front of the new swimming facilities,
 the pool area is in the process of being built
A pool in the siwa oasis  see the photos on  myegypt web site

the new market has opened behind the old luxor hotel.
The new look bread shop opposite the Luxor Temple.
Election time is getting close  and almost every building has these large banners adorning the  facade,
and if all this gives us wind  we have rennie's by the  100000 tablet boxes,

Who said there are flies in Egypt,
The lizard

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