Monday, December 6, 2010

6th December walk

The photos say it all.  this is along the Nile river Luxor Egypt between 5.30  and 9.30

I have never seen the Nile as low as this before
the nile receded 1ft in the night leaving many boats  stranded on the bottom.
there are 6 of these boats here.
Shells and shell fish  stranded  on the banks of the receding Nile
balloons that try and land in the wet lands.

its safe to land on the path
the cattle and buffalo,s are scared  and I could not get near them to calm them down.
 they were ready to charge anyone  that came off the balloons

the receding nile also leaves its rubbish on the waterline.
its a hat trick  no its a hat tree. 

female  blue throat,
next blog will be on the birds, I saw 24 species. and got 20  species in  decent shots,

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