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shark attack in egypt the human shark on board the boat was asked a question.
I was able to scare the shark away by blowing bubbles in its face, but then saw it swim to a woman and bite her legs.
maybe it did not like the Egyptian sharks breath  and that's why it attacked the tourist.

then we have four different stories of the attack,  must have been 4 attacks in different locations on the red  sea coast line of sharm

Egypt: 'Same Shark Attacks Four Swimmers'

Four Russian tourists have been attacked by a shark while swimming in the Red Sea close to their Egyptian beach hotels.

then the dailymail claims,

A female French tourist was attacked and killed by a shark while diving in a remote site off Egypt's Red Sea coast today.
It was the first fatal shark attack in the Arab country for five years, state media and a French embassy official said.
The woman's leg showed visible bite marks, and medics said she probably bled to death before being lifted to the surface.
A French female tourist has fallen victim to the first fatal shark attack in Egypt for five years. She was diving off the Red Sea coast when it happened (file photo)
A French female tourist has fallen  victim to the first fatal shark attack in Egypt for five years. She was diving off the Red Sea coast when it happened (file photo)
French embassy spokesman Jean-Marie Safa said: 'I can confirm that there is one French citizen killed by a shark in the Red Sea south of Marsa Alam.'
Marsa Alam is a remote southern dive spot on the Red Sea coast frequented by tourists hoping to avoid the crowds at more popular sites in the Sinai peninsula, where tourists flock in large numbers for the colourful coral reefs.
'This very rarely happens. It seems that the victim aggravated the shark or presented it with food, which caused a change in the shark's behaviour,' Amr Ali, the president of the Society for the Preservation of the Red Sea Environment, said.
Sharks are common in the area and tourists often take pictures, but attacks are rare.
The last person killed by a shark in Egypt was reportedly attacked while snorkelling near the Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in 2004.
Egypt's Environment Ministry is looking to set up a natural reserve for the sharks near Marsa Alam, where it already has a similar reserve for dolphins.

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and these are not the only sharks that attack the tourists.
but because the sea sharks protect their territory a story breaks out.
I hope the person has a good insurance because she is going to get one hefty bill.  one helicopter to Cairo plus 1000£ per night in hospital bed fees,   its an act of god they will say.

is this true
A man was attacked by a shark just 40 ft from shore at beach resort in Egypt. James Elliott, 26, was having a swim in the waters off the Sharm El Sheikh resort in Egypt when he felt something grab his leg. During the frenzied attack, Elliott, suffered severe injuries, including a severed Achille’s tendon.
He was saved by a passing boat but may never walk properly again.
Officials in Egypt have tracked down the shark responsible for THREE attacks along its coastline – but will not kill it, it was revealed today.
Egypt shark attack - fish responsible will not be killed
Authorities in the resort of Nama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, reported an adult oceanic white tip shark was responsible for injuring three Russian tourists in attacks during the last 24-hours.
The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism released a statement to all anxious British holidaymakers in the region yesterday.
They reported that they had tracked down the shark, but were trying to catch it and release it back into a remote area of the Gulf of Suez.
They added the resort – popular with thousands of Brits each year – had suspended all diving and water sports until Friday.
A statement read: “The MoT has announced that all beaches will be closed to the public and all water sports activities will be suspended until the end of the day tomorrow (2/12) along the whole of the Sharm el Sheikh coast.
“It has been reported that three Russian tourists have been attacked in three separate incidents in the last 24 hours in an area north of Nama Bay.
“The victims, one male and two females, are currently being treated in hospital.
“Officials from the South Sinai National Park have tracked down the shark in question – confirmed to be an adult oceanic white tip shark.
“The South Sinai National Park authority are currently attempting to capture the shark with the aim of releasing it back into the wild in a remote area in the Gulf of Suez.
“The chosen location will be in a safe distance from any tourist resorts in the Red Sea.”
(AP)  An oceanic white tip shark badly mauled four Russian tourists swimming close to their beach hotels in two separate attacks at an Egyptian Red Sea resort, a local conservation official said on Wednesday.

Director of Sinai Conservation Mohammed Salem said the shark attacked two Russians swimming in the Ras Nasrani area near the famed Sharm el-Sheikh resort in the Sinai Peninsula and bit their arms off.

The same shark may also have been involved in an attack on another pair of Russians on Tuesday swimming close to the resort beach, he added.

The shark badly injured a middle-aged woman's legs and back and bit off her hand. She had a heart attack and had to be resucitated at the hospital.

The second victim, a 70-year-old woman was found with her right hand and left leg torn off.

Diving instructor Hassan Salem (no related to Mohammed Salem) said he was on a dive at the same time of the attack and was circled by the same shark before it went after the couple.

"I was able to scare the shark away by blowing bubbles in its face, but then saw it swim to a woman and bite her legs," he told The Associated Press.

Salem said the water turned red with the blood from the attack, and he rushed to take the diver he was training out of the water.

All four victims were flown to Cairo for medical treatment and were in critical condition.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Cairo confirmed that two Russians were attacked Tuesday, but he was only aware of a single Ukranian involved in a shark attack the following day. The discrepancy could not be immediately explained.

Mohammed Salem said coast guard authorities were hunting for the shark and have issued a warning for swimmers to stay out of the water in Sharm el-Sheikh, a famed scuba diving destination.

He said Egypt sees one to two fatal shark attacks a year and they increase as the number of tourists and swimmers in the water rises.

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