Wednesday, December 1, 2010

crap.shit,junkmail, google could stop this ,

If you go to this site  from a tourists view of Luxor. this is what I put up with every time I leave my flat.

(Allah817) Welcome To Philosophy and Spirituality in Relation with Religion here we go in details with picture
here we go in details with pictures>  no do not click on  this is from a spam e-mail.  and all kinds of wierdos are useing facebook to scare the pants off us,

All this crap stems from a German,  he was staying in the Sheik Tyeb home,  when he asked for my email  under the pretence he was asking for the sheik,  so if you happen to see this Muslim  German  looks like he is in an Irish  saint Patrick's outfit green body warmer and a white beard, be polite,  say hello  but do not give him your e mail.
15 of this spam again today, been told several times that the dam in Aswan is going to have an earthquake  so leave the area before I am drowned by the torrent of Nile polluted waters,
maybe that's true, but being a guy who knows God is not going to warn me of the end of the world. or my life.
anyway does not worry me   I can swim,   but thanks for the warning,  I will watch for the lights going off.  
uh,  the hydro electric is generated from the dam, so if the lights go out after a tremor.  I will put my swimming costume on. silly.

ah" well at least its not someone who says he can trust me, Must be like that woman the other day  that gets vibes from my e-mail address),while   holding 11'000.000 dollars in some bank for me, pretend to be the deceased relative he asks;  and I will send you the money,,  well I know I am a relation of the deceased,, we all come from Adam and Eve,  silly.

One more thing that puzzled me today.   what do we call people from Turkey?
And where did the turkey originate? 
I know I could look it up on the net but I have better things to do like getting some kip.

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