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safe toys for our kids

Been listening and looking on the net at all the doom and gloom in Egypt  first all the lies about the sharks and how they have caught the killers. then the next day another person gets mauled, how stupid are we that we believe what Egypt's people  says. then the elections  and that is what all the locals are talking about, "corruption"    so I thought I would blog on a more light hearted note, [see the past 3 blogspots]if you want to die of boredom
and now I am listening to  [paul o'grady]  who has put Bonny Tylers , Its a heartache , now its Lost in France"gees".  and yes I can pick live bbc 2  up in Luxor Egypt,
Not the usual blog not even about Egypt, so how did  I get to do this blog ?
I have so much time on my hands especially on days my back is playing up, I am in the process of writing the years of my youth, and one thing that keeps coming up are adverts from the 60's television like this one   .. go to work on an egg.  I thought was was a lion doing on an egg, 
funny how things stick in our heads. or are branded in our memory bank.
Every time I saw this add I thought what's wrong with using the firms van,

I wandered how many people fed this to the hens to lay good eggs so we could go to work on them.
and why not have the cockerel on the egg boxes. 
and what advert is going to stick in the future generations heads,  .


"Play With Your Veggies" toys, $25

Recalled Sept. 8, 2010
Hazard: Metal wire in the toy asparagus can become exposed, posing a laceration hazard to children.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately take away the toy asparagus from children and return the product to the company for a free replacement asparagus.
If you want to buy veg for your kids buy the stuff mummy and daddy eat ,  its also much cheaper'
but saying that  a few years ago we had a phone call from my eldest son, saying,    your grandson who was then 3, had been rushed to hospital , why, we asked, funny how it was our grandson, not our son,
 who had a pea stuck up his nose,  did the proud parents stop giving my grandson peas! no. he was told to eat his favourite veg properly ,

SO,  if you have really young ones   put it in the blender and make veggie soup.

 The best version of this toy is the one with handles in the head, does not look as real. but what the heck. reigns are dangerous.    Look at what happened during the reign of Henry the 8th.

Horse-on-a-Stick, $6

Recalled Nov. 10, 2010
Hazard: Reins on horse-on-a-stick toy's bridle are long enough to form a loop around a child's head and neck, posing a strangulation hazard to young children.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately remove or cut the reins to eliminate the hazard. Consumers can contact Big Ideas Marketing for instructions on how to remove the reins.
Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Rocking Horses, $105 to $185

Recalled Nov. 10, 2010
Hazard: Reins on the rocking horse bridle are long enough to form a loop around a child's head and neck, posing a strangulation hazard to young children.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately remove or cut the reins to eliminate the hazard.
or make the reigns longer so the kid can crack his head on the floor, not die of strangulation.
Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Classic Sport Super Bounce Pogo Sticks, $40

Recalled Nov. 18, 2010
Hazard: Aluminum rivets on the pogo stick's frame tubes can break and cause the support clamp to detach and release the spring, posing fall and laceration hazards to users.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled pogo sticks and return the product to any Sports Authority location. Consumers will receive a full refund of $39.99 plus tax

and the question remains  why do they sell these toys.  its simple;- will you leave your kid at home  when you go presy hunting just in case a bus runs  over the kid

the one Xmas gift I wanted as a boy was a bicycle, never got one, but I did borrow my neighbours tricycle[with permission] went down the hill and had on accident  smashed my front teeth. did I worry no  I just took more care the next time.
  if you buy your kid a square box  he will spend hours playing with it  but  there is a tendency for your little precious to climb on the box, fall off and crack his skull open.            so what is safe.

 Rainbow Chopsticks

Rainbow Chopsticks$30.00 for some plastic,
If you’re headed to a festive dinner party or spending the holidays with his family for the very first time (eeks!), use one of these handy gifts to say merci in style. but for $30.00 they are not for the kids to poke up their nose,
When the Chinese restaurant first opened in Bangor North Wales under the shopping precinct , we do not call them malls in Wales. we  [me and my wife] would go quite regular to have a meal after a few beers on Friday nights  if we could afford it, on one visit there was  a farmer in we called people not of Bangor town farmers for obvious reasons like we called folks from Caernarfon  canaries or coveys. in the early 70's Chinese restaurant was quite a novelty. any way this farmer as soon as he had his chopsticks[not a knife and fork]  first he unwrapped them and started to poke his teeth with them,    bloody hell  big tooth picks here, then he started to pick his nose with the bloody big toothpicks. then he must have thought no they are not for picking ones teeth or nose with then he proceeded to poke in his ears, when his wife decided enough is enough and got up to leave and accidental[I think]  pushed the chopsticks further into the farmers ears, never did see how he ate his meal because he left  with blood coming from his ear, [moral of the story]be careful what you give the kids,


advert for the  Giant Retro Space Hopper

Bounce back to the 70s with this fantastic Giant Retro Space Hopper. No ordinary hopper, this Science Museum bouncer is a massive 80cm in diameter when fully inflated making it around 33% bigger than the traditional version. Don't worry, a foot pump is provided to save those poor lungs. Made of tough, thick rubber the Giant Retro Space Hopper is perfect for adults, and you can even let the kids have a go too! In classic orange, the hopper features the retro kangaroo face you remember from your childhood. So, hop until you drop with this bouncy blast from the past.
get it in a box  but destroy the box  in case the kid falls off it and breaks its skull.

and this is the most unsafe toy around. but millions of kids have enjoyed the play hours on board,
many a bruise has been inflicted by this  .Giant Retro Space Hopper and its still on the market for our kids to enjoy.  and if you do not want your kid to get bruised this holiday time keep it in bed. but then it will get borred and start bouncing on the bed  and fall off cracking its skull. you are in a no win situation so let you kids enjoy playing.
here in Egypt some kids do not get a chance to play. just work in the fields.
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  1. Nothing safe of those kiddie toys then? =)

    If I have my way,I'd bring my son to the fields to enjoy the mud =) Our house is now clear of his toys, we sort of stopped buying the plastics since he'll only temporarily hold it, then leaves it in the corner.

    He used to have the heartiest laugh and smile when he sees dogs, chicken and leaves (very rare here in the city center of Dubai) until at least he went on a long stay in the Philippine mountains =)