Friday, December 10, 2010

Little white egret (Egretta garzetta),Hooded crow(corvus corvone cornix),Honey Buzzard pernis apivorus,Laughing dove , streptopelia senegalensis, Common Tern, (Sterna hirundo) ,Pied kingfisher (ceryle rudis),Great Cormorant, phalacrocorax carbo.

 A cornucopia of birds.
This is the longest title!!  but is one of the shortest of my walks at most a two kilometre circle from my flat  along the promenade,

Little white egret (Egretta garzetta),

Great Cormorant, phalacrocorax carbo.

 formation flight

synchronized  landing
as soon as they land its dive dive 
up pops one then the other,

Pied kingfisher (ceryle rudis),

Common Tern, (Sterna hirundo)it was while taking this shot I noticed the two cormorants coming in.

Laughing dove , streptopelia senegalensis 


Honey Buzzard pernis apivorus

Hooded crow(corvus corvone cornix), I tried to get the two shots in one frame  but I could not get the plane to come closer.


on the same boat  there was this version of xmas, maybe someone hopes its going to snow.


House sparrow (passer domesticus),  in the evenings the trees along the prom is where the sparrows come in the hundreds to roost 

skink sunbathing

And another beautiful sunset  over the Nile River with the honey buzzard doing its last circle of the day.

word for today.  cornucopia.  

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...
What a cornucopia of birds. rather a nice blog he has of Hyde Cheshire


Classical Mythology . a horn containing food, drink, etc., in endless supply, said to have been a horn of the goat Amalthaea.
a representation of this horn, used as a symbol of abundance.
an abundant, overflowing supply.
a horn-shaped or conical receptacle or ornament.
and its quite true!! We do have an abundance of birds here in Luxor 82 species to date. 
over 1000 photos. 


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