Thursday, December 2, 2010

of cabbages and kings/donkeys,

A single rose grew in the middle of  the fields
as does this child, the cabbages are a little bit bigger than him
a few dew drops glisten  in the early morning sun
this is a big cabbage so a few more dew drops glisten in the early morning sun,

the donkey gets to sit in the ploughed Field while its master tends to the cabbage crop
the Cattle egret gets to tend on the donkey  cleaning the annoying flies
while the female yellow wagtail watches out for the ones that land in the donkey poo.
this little donkey  is too near the road , and does not have a minder egret to get rid if the annoying flies but once I have gone the egret will return.

on my walk in the fields I could  see the new heritage centre is almost finished, 
so I took a walk around the cabbage fields took some shots of a few birds that I will share in my next blog, 
on my way home I took a few shots of the front of the new building, and some houses that will soon be demolished.
for those of my followers who do not recognise this place well the roof  flat was my home for 2 years.
Already they are making the road wider. then the house will be demolished.
 today's word is

litigious - inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits; "a style described as abrasive and contentious"; "a disputatious lawyer"; "a litigious and acrimonious spirit"

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